Galina Khabarova, contemporary artist

About Galina

Born in Dushanbe, Tajikistan (Ex-USSR), in the early 90s she moved with her parents to Russia, where her family settled in Stavropol after a series of moves. After graduating from the Institute with a degree in Advertising, Galina immediately plunged into the creative world, starting with photography. In the late 2000s, she became a professional graphic designer and later started drawing commercial illustrations. In 2017, finally realizing herself as an artist, she opened the world of painting, making a long-held dream come true. She works in a style that can best be described as a multi-layered complex-color abstraction. A favorite graphic technique is "rubbing" paint strokes into a dense multi-layer film, creating a complex pattern that gives the completed picture a multi-dimensional depth and saturation. Her favorite tool is an ordinary plastic card.

Galina about her artistic tools and her path:

"After expiration plastic cards turn into a useless piece of plastic, garbage. But not for me. In my hands, they turn into loyal helpers, revealing their true potential. Flexible and durable, convenient size, they give unpredictability of strokes and ensure smooth movements. At the same time, the cards are almost weightless, they seem to merge into a single whole with my hand, and sometimes, being right-handed, I forget myself so much that I find the card in my left hand painting a complex stroke.

I didn't immediately come to painting with plastic cards on canvases and to painting as such. My initial artist journey was quite a long one.

When I was at school, I often sketched various pictures in notebooks on their last pages, imagining myself a great artist. Drew all kinds of symbols and came up with my own meanings for them. Years passed and at the time of choosing a future profession I was faced with a brutal and stinging reality, in which the teacher at the preparatory courses told me that everything I painted before was a total nonsense. Being vulnerable sensitive nature, after such a blow I turned a blind eye to my passion for years. But one day I woke up with the firm confidence that I could no longer exist, restricting the urge to artcraft, and therefore, following the call of my heart, I went to the nearest art store and bought brushes, paints and canvas there. And that was the day of great happiness and liberation, I did actually felt heavy shackles falling off my hands. I was surprised and trembled to see, looking at reflection in shop windows and mirrors, a long-forgotten brilliance in my own eyes.


That sparkle is still blazing vigorously."

Galina Khabarova at work
Galina Khabarova's artwork "The Shadow"