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Galina Khabarova, contemporary artist

After graduating from the Institute in 2008 with a degree in Advertising, Galina started with professional photography. In the late 2000s, she became a professional graphic designer and later started drawing commercial illustrations. Galina’s interest in calligraphy, with special preference to the technique of writing with a broad pen and expressive calligraphy with a cola pen, developed confident firm strokes and the method of working with medium by rubbing it, determining her future painting style.

In 2017 she started painting. Galina’s favorite technique is “rubbing” paint strokes into a dense multi-layer film, creating a complex colorful pattern that gives the finished painting a multi-dimensional depth and saturation, rhythm and direction, it makes the paint “glow” and the viewer’s eye unconsciously feels movement. A favorite working tool is an ordinary plastic card that has as Galina finds sufficient and necessary size and flexibility. The artist also uses many other tools, both traditional (palette knife, brush) and unusual (pancake spreader).

Galina actively takes part in exhibitions and art fairs — local, national and international, and continues to develop and expand her artistic style constantly searching for new ways and methods of applying paint to different surfaces, while keep telling her personal story to viewers through the painting. Painting is not only a favorite activity for Galina, but also a kind of therapy. Having survived the civil war in her early childhood and left her homeland, she lost her memories of infancy. And only after many years, unconsciously through painting, memories returned to the artist. Each new work is an attempt to collect the fragments of the past into something whole, blend it with new experience and search for a next piece of a mental puzzle.


When I'm not painting, I think about what I want to paint. I don't think about painting only when I paint. At this moment, I seem to fall into meditation, my whole body together with my mind, work as a whole, creating on the canvas a story that arises from depths of my memory.


Galina Khabarova at work
Galina Khabarova's artwork "The Shadow"
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